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De la Bat School serves as a special school for the educational needs of D/deaf learners. Furthermore, we are a source school with an outreach team that not only delivers various services to our D/deaf learners but also additional mainstream schools.

De la Bat School entails a diversity of learners with specific educational needs. The school also provides ample resources and educational support to learners on multiple levels.

The pivot of our school’s character is leadership, dignity, solemnity, respect, and trust. Embedded in the aforementioned are six character traits; these character traits include responsibility, respectfulness, fairness, trustworthiness, caring, and citizenship that are rooted in our learners and staff members.

Preschool De La Bat
At the Gawie de la Bat preschool we aim to create a safe and happy environment where children can develop mentally and physically.
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The Foundation Stage aims to teach young deaf learners a basis for his / her school career through effective education and emotional support.
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In grade 4 – 6 we mainly make use of subject education so that the learners are educated by experts in their field.
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This programme focuses on career orientated education and developing the learner’s skills and preparing them to be independent and to generate an income.
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This section makes provision for learners that are deaf but also have additional disabilities. The primary focus is upon increasing the child’s independence.
This section makes provision for learners that are deaf but also have academic difficulties. The primary focus is upon increasing the child’s independence to prepare them for School of Skills.
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FET Phase
In the FET phase, learners make their subject choices. CAPS offer learners a wide selection of subjects, enabling them to pursue these further for their chosen careers. Learners are thoroughly informed, enabling them to make wise choices. In the FET phase emphasis is placed on thorough preparation for the NSC matric examination.
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Our Vision

Effective education to and care of

Deaf learners and learners with

hearing loss.


Our Mission

To equip Deaf learners and learners with hearing loss with knowledge, skills and values which they require to have fulfilled lives and to be equal citizens.


Latest News

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Rev. George Thom

January 1, 1821

Rev. George Thom asked the synod in a letter to pay attention to the education and care of the deaf.

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Educational Institute For The Deaf

January 1, 1880

The synod of the Dutch Reformed Church decided to make an appeal to the whole church to establish an educational institution for the Deaf.

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Doofstommen Instituut

January 1, 1881

The ‘Doofstommen Instituut’ in Worcester began with Mr. Jan de la Bat as principal and Lenie du Toit of Wellington as the first pupil.

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Division For The Blind

January 1, 1891

Division for the blind began and the school was renamed as ‘Instituut vir Doofstommen en Blinden’.

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January 1, 1905

The Deaf and Blind are separated into two sections.

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2nd Principal

January 1, 1927

Rev. Gawie de la Bat, son of Mr. Jan de la Bat, is appointed as the second principal.

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School For The Deaf

January 1, 1928

Referred to as ‘School for the Deaf’ for the first time.

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New Premises

January 1, 1929

New premises on the east side of Worcester and along the railway line to the north are acquired.

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Multiple Disabilities

January 1, 1935

Rev. de la Bat requested the management to pay attention to the care of Deaf adults with multiple disabilities.

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Nursery School

January 1, 1944

The first nursery school for the deaf is established in the Old Mill House (designed by Sir Herbert Baker) with 18 children.

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Dr. Helen Keller visits

January 1, 1951

3rd Principal

January 1, 1953

Mr. JG Badenhorst is appointed as the third principal.

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New Buildings

January 1, 1957

The Gawie de la Bat Nursery’s new buildings on campus are acquired.

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4th Principal

January 1, 1976

Dr. Johan Hamilton is appointed as the fourth principal.

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100 Years

January 1, 1981

With the 100-year celebration, the school was renamed De la Bat School.

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5th Principal

January 1, 1993

Dr. Hamilton is appointed as executive director of the Institute for the Deaf and Mr Eugene van Vuuren as the fifth principal of De la Bat School.

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Public School

January 1, 1996

The school as a ‘church school’ becomes a public school.

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6th Principal

January 1, 2008

Mr P.A. Cook is appointed as the sixth principal.

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January 1, 2011

South African Sign Language Project is launched.

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