Where Every Voice Is Heard
Where Every Sign Is Seen


Our Vision

Effective education to and care of

Deaf learners and learners with

hearing loss.


Our Mission

To equip Deaf learners and learners with hearing loss with knowledge, skills and values which they require to have fulfilled lives and to be equal citizens.

Our Learners

  • vary between the ages of 3 and 20 years.
  • are Deaf or
  • have hearing loss
  • are diverse in their abilities and educational needs


What Makes Us Unique?

  • Alternative Assessment Strategies
  • D/deaf and hearing educators and assistants
  • South African Sign Language as a subject from 3 years – grade 12
  • Vocational and skills orientated courses
  • Section for Multi-Disabled D/deaf learners
  • Vocational accompaniment and placement of learners
  • Numerous sport and cultural activities

Comprehensive Support Services

  • Health Care
  • Social Services
  • Psychological Services
  • Audiological Services
  • Occupational Services
  • Student Support
  • Transport of day-scholars
  • Weekend and holiday transport
  • 9 Hostels ensuring age-appropriate care with 24hr supervision
  • De la Bat Church with a full-time resident minister
  • Resource Centre and community services

The Anthem Project


There’s a school that was willed by God
To break open the silence
Let this school give us the freedom
To break down the boundaries
Oh, happy days of fulfillment,
Of finding the meaning of the word
the speech, the knowledge
Let’s keep on conquering worlds!
Let’s keep on conquering worlds!
Where the beauty of valley and mountains
Surrounds and welcomes us all,
We find joy in the endurance
And winning remains our goal.
Therefore we now bring a tribute
To a school that we cherish;
Calling out with joy: EFFATA
For the day starting here now!
For the day starting here now!


Daar’s `n skool wat God gewil het
om die stilte oop te breek.
Skenk daardeur vir ons bevryding
dat ons grense oor kan steek.
O gevulde blye dae
van ons soeke na die sin
van die woord, die spraak, die kunde.
Laat ons wêrelde oorwin.
Laat ons wêrelde oorwin.
Waar vallei en berg se skoonheid
ons omring en tuis laat voel,
vind ons vreugde in die spierspan,
bly die wenpaal steeds ons doel.
Daarom bring ons nou ons hulde
aan `n skool wat ons bemin.
Roep ons luid en bly “EFFATA”
oor die dag wat hier begin.
Oor die dag wat hier begin.

School Uniform


Rev. George Thom

January 1, 1821

Rev. George Thom asked the synod in a letter to pay attention to the education and care of the deaf.

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Educational Institute For The Deaf

January 1, 1880

The synod of the Dutch Reformed Church decided to make an appeal to the whole church to establish an educational institution for the Deaf.

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Doofstommen Instituut

January 1, 1881

The ‘Doofstommen Instituut’ in Worcester began with Mr. Jan de la Bat as principal and Lenie du Toit of Wellington as the first pupil.

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Division For The Blind

January 1, 1891

Division for the blind began and the school was renamed as ‘Instituut vir Doofstommen en Blinden’.

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January 1, 1905

The Deaf and Blind are separated into two sections.

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2nd Principal

January 1, 1927

Rev. Gawie de la Bat, son of Mr. Jan de la Bat, is appointed as the second principal.

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School For The Deaf

January 1, 1928

Referred to as ‘School for the Deaf’ for the first time.

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New Premises

January 1, 1929

New premises on the east side of Worcester and along the railway line to the north are acquired.

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Multiple Disabilities

January 1, 1935

Rev. de la Bat requested the management to pay attention to the care of Deaf adults with multiple disabilities.

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Nursery School

January 1, 1944

The first nursery school for the deaf is established in the Old Mill House (designed by Sir Herbert Baker) with 18 children.

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Dr. Helen Keller visits

January 1, 1951

3rd Principal

January 1, 1953

Mr. JG Badenhorst is appointed as the third principal.

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New Buildings

January 1, 1957

The Gawie de la Bat Nursery’s new buildings on campus are acquired.

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4th Principal

January 1, 1976

Dr. Johan Hamilton is appointed as the fourth principal.

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100 Years

January 1, 1981

With the 100-year celebration, the school was renamed De la Bat School.

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5th Principal

January 1, 1993

Dr. Hamilton is appointed as executive director of the Institute for the Deaf and Mr Eugene van Vuuren as the fifth principal of De la Bat School.

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Public School

January 1, 1996

The school as a ‘church school’ becomes a public school.

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6th Principal

January 1, 2008

Mr P.A. Cook is appointed as the sixth principal.

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January 1, 2011

South African Sign Language Project is launched.

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