Where Every Voice Is Heard

Where Every Sign Is Seen


At the Gawie de la Bat preschool we aim to create a safe and happy environment where children can develop mentally and physically. Learners are admitted from the age of 3 years old.

This is where the development of language and communication starts.

Focus is placed on mental and physical development. Cognitive learning and physical activity go hand-in-hand and supplement each other.

Individual attention is ensured by limiting the number of children per class and also assigning class assistants to each teacher.

Children are taught to express wants, needs and feelings and to act appropriately.
Physical abilities are improved through activities and toys that develop coordination, mobility and fine motor skills.

Socializing skills are developed through group activities that also teach children to follow instructions, take turns and develop friendships.
Mental stimulation includes recognition of shapes, colours and numbers through toys, games and basic puzzles.
Creativity is encouraged through exposure to a variety of stimulating colors, shapes and textures, including paint and crayons.

Basic activities like scribbling and using paintbrushes also develop fine motor skills.
The next phase includes exploration of number sets, experimentation with textures, smells, and taste; sorting by colours and building reasoning skills.
Preschoolers develop basic self-help skills and independence is encouraged.