The Bible for the Deaf

The Bible for the Deaf 

The Bible for the Deaf  was launched at the St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town on Sunday, 24 November 2019.

The reason we are celebrating is not because this is a beautiful book but because the book contains a beautiful message and a beautiful truth,” Rev Dirk Gevers, CEO of the Bible Society of South Africa, said during the ceremony.

The translation of this Bible, specifically aimed at the Deaf in South Africa and Africa who receive their instruction in English, has since started in 2011.

Since people learn spoken language primarily through imitation and verbal communication, people who are born deaf have specific language and reading needs. They therefore cannot understand the text used in existing Bibles. There was thus a need for a Bible written in basic English using a limited vocabulary and pictures at the back of the Bible.

The Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town, Archbishop Thabo Makgoba, dedicated the Bible to the Lord. “We bless and dedicate these Bibles for use by deaf people. We pray that the story of God may be with all who read and use these Bibles,” he prayed.

The Bible Society of South Africa is currently also involved with the production of a visual Bible in South African Sign Language in partnership with the organisation, Hands With Words. (Taken from The Sower, December 2019)

Text Box: De la Bat School’s learners perform a spiritual song at the inauguration of the Bible to the Deaf.

Video van die bekendstelling

Waar is dit beskikbaar?

The Bible for the Deaf is available on our online shop – at the special launch price of R200 for December and January 2020.

It is also available from our Bible Centres (Bellville, Durban, Kempton Park, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein) at this special price. Customers may also obtain bulk orders directly from Booksite by contacting a Sales Rep at one of our Centres – same special price, free delivery if value of order is over R450.

Please note that a letter from a Medical Doctor / Institution for Hearing Impaired Official / Minister of Religion, stating that the person is deaf or hearing impaired, serves as sufficient proof to provide one copy of the new EBD to that person at the Nett price of a Missional Bible (currently R95 VAT inclusive).

The E-book version is available for purchase from:

Amazon – live: ($6.89)

Kobo – live: (R99.85)

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