De la Bat School for the Deaf in Worcester accommodates 204 children aged 3 to 18 years.

Our children come from all over South Arica and 185 of them are residents in our 9 hostels.

It is the school’s vision and mission to equip each child to lead fulfilling and productive lives.

Besides knowledge, values ​​and skills, it also requires that the children are exposed to a balanced and healthy lifestyle through their involvement in sport and reinforcing healthy eating habits.                               

The children are provided with three meals per day at the cost of R40.00 per child. Most of our children come from a disadvantaged background with the result that only 19% of parents contribute to school and hostel fees. Sufficient funding to provide these meals is a continuous challenge for the school.

However, you can make a difference by sponsoring a child’s or children’s meal/s. Please support this project. You can do this by monthly debit order or by making an internet payment to the following account:
De la Bat School
First National Bank
Acc. No. 54330050293
Bank Code: 200407
Reference: MFT

Thank you for your involvement and support.
Corlyn McKelvin
Tel: 023-3422560